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張芳興 何敬恩 2011. Master
Perceptual difference in the legal context towards political corruption : comparative studies in Germany and China check Full Text
Yu, Ming Hui Hao, Yufan 2012. Master
殷玉涵 Chen, Ding Ding 2012. Master
Determinants of demand for European Union tourists flow to China check Full Text
Wei, Ran Lei, Chun Kwok 2016. Master
探討澳門政府領導及主管人員的接班規劃 = A study of leadership succession plan of Macao government check Full Text
何麗華 余永逸 2015. Master
浙江省建德市森林產業現狀及政策評估 check Full Text
李菊萍 劉伯龍 2016. Master
廣州市保障性住房政策分析 check Full Text
徐淑清 李桃 2016. Master
Do intergovernmental organizations promote peace in Sierra Leone ? : the role of UN, AU and ECOWAS check Full Text
Li, Xin Wei Wang Jianwei 2015. Master
協同治理視域下的中國公共危機管理 : 以汶川和廬山地震為例 check Full Text
張雨婷 何秋祥 2015. Master
中國公務員績效評估與激勵機制的結合情況研究 check Full Text
衣美霖 林明基 2016. Master
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