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雙邊投資協定中保護傘條款的解釋適用之探折 : 兼論ICSID相關仲裁案例 = Reviewing the interpretation and application of umbrella clause in Bilatreral Investment Treaties : on the ICSID-related arbitration cases
吳思靜 魏丹 2010. Master
雙減政策環境下中小學教師的工作現狀及離職意願 check Full Text
洪文杰 周憶粟 2023. Master
雙氫青蒿素磷脂複合物納米粒的製備、表徵和體外抗腫瘤活性評價 check Full Text
王璐, Zheng, Ying 2015. Master
雙音形容詞狀補對立與轉換條件= Opposition and conversion conditions of disyllabic adjectives as adverbial-complement in Chinese check Full Text
汪潤梓 陳忠 2022. Master
杜英 孫君明 2003. Master
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