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''Apple, rose, ice" : An analysis of the changes to Disney princess check Full Text
Lio, Man Cheng Schirato, Tony 2018. Master
'Is there another way out?' job burnout in the film post production industry check Full Text
Chan, Yiu Wah Chan, Sow Hup 2016. Master
'Red storm rising' : securitization of high-tech in Sino-US relations check Full Text
Lin, Qi Lin You Ji 2016. Master
'Terror' and 'horror' in the 'masculine' and 'feminine' Gothic : Matthew Lewis's The Monk ( 1796) and Ann Radcliffe's The Italian (1797)
Gao, Dodo Yun Shaw, Damian 2012. Master
‘Sacrifice your own family for the interest of the public’ : Work–family conflict among rank-and-file police officers in China check Full Text
Wang, Xin Yue 2018. Master
"& listen for my cluted breath" : silence and shame in Ocean Vuong's Night Sky with Exit Wounds check Full Text
Lin, Jun De Chavez, Jeremy 2021. Master
"5E"教學模式應用於初一地理教學之成效 : 以人教版七上的「地形圖的判讀」及「人口」單元為例 check Full Text
趙彩欣 施達明 2022. Master
"澳門記略"反映的澳門土生葡語面貌 = The facet of Portuguese dialect of Macau in "The Monograph of Macau"
胡慧明 程祥徽 2000. Master
"滄浪詩話" '五法' 義研究 = A study of the meaning of "wufa" in Yan Yu's Canglang shihua
Chen, Guo-Ming 鄧國光 2009. Doctoral
"城中村" 改造模式的選擇
李瑾 李桃 2014. Master
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