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刑法修正的理論與實踐研究 : 以我國刑法修正為視角 check Full Text
鄒菲菲 趙國強 2019. Doctoral
刑事調解制度研究 = Study on victim-offender mediation check Full Text
歐陽湘 汪超 2015. Master
刑事歸責年齡立法制度之研究 = A research on the criminal age legislation check Full Text
李結儀 趙國強 2020. Master
刑事鑑定證據證明力研究 : 以醫療鑑定為視角 = A study on the effect of expert evidence of criminal procedure : from the perspective of medical expert evidence check Full Text
陳靜靜 李哲 2020. Master
刑事訴訟文化論 : 中國內地與港澳台刑事訴訟文化比較 check Full Text
楊釗 趙國強 2018. Doctoral
刑事一體化視角下實現精準的刑事政策與刑法適用 : 以涉新冠肺炎疫情犯罪為例 = Achieve precise criminal policy and criminal justice from the perspective of criminal integration : taking crimes related to COVID-19 as an example check Full Text
陶德陽 李哲 2022. Master
刑事誘惑偵查合法化問題的研究 = The research on the legitimization of criminal encouragement investigation check Full Text
謝銀瑩 趙國強 2016. Master
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