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歐盟反欺詐策略考察及其對重構中國廉政體系的啟示 check Full Text
盧培偉 李哲 2020. Doctoral
歐盟消費者 ODR 制度研究 : 以跨境 B2C 糾紛解決為視角 = A research for European Union consumer ODR system : the perspective of dispute resolution for cross-border B2C check Full Text
陳浩理 汪超 2015. Master
祁悅 卞鷹 2008. Master
歐陽修酬唱詩創作研究 = The research of Ouyang Xiu's responding poems check Full Text
常毓晗 鄧駿捷 2023. Master
歐陽修散文風格研究 : 茅坤 "唐宋八大家文鈔" 本色義案說 = A Study of Ouyang Xiu's prose style : case study in the theory of true quality in the selected works by the eight great writers of the Tang and Song Dynasties by Mao Kun check Full Text
謝嘉茵 鄧國光 2014. Master
歐陽子文學批評研究 = Research of literary criticism of Ao Ieong Chi
梁婉清 鄧國光 2004. Master
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