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當代澳門民眾戲劇先行者 : 周樹利 = The forerunner of contemporary Macau community theatre : Chow Shui Lee
韋明月 李觀鼎 2009. Master
當代澳門學生管樂團體的形成與發展 = The formation and development of contemporary history of students' wind music organization in Macau check Full Text
李思毅 林廣志 2017. Master
當代流行歌曲對語法規則的突破及其意義 = Violations of grammatical rules in contemporary popular songs and their significance check Full Text
孫藝菲 徐杰 2019. Master
當代詩歌語體中的形容詞用法對語法規則的突破與局限 : 以澳門新詩文本為基礎 = Violations of grammatical rules on Chinese adjectives in modern poems and their limitations : the case of modern Macao poems
高瑒 徐杰 2011. Master
當代臺港歌詞創作與流行歌曲的經典性 check Full Text
李昂 朱壽桐 2014. Doctoral
當代網絡文學中的性別向文化研究 = The cultural research of gender type in contemporary network literature check Full Text
朱皓月 朱壽桐 2022. Master
劉倩青 簡家榮 2004. Master
當歸多醣對斑馬魚血管缺失模型的促血管新生作用 check Full Text
謝靄霖 Lee, Ming-Yuen 2015. Master
當歸及莪術揮發油自乳化釋藥系統的製備 : 表徵與體內評價
趙一 Zheng, Ying 2008. Master
張元傑 李紹平 2009. Master
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