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人格權上經濟價值的保護制度研究 : 以中, 美, 德法律比較為視角 = Research on the protection system of economic value in personality right : from the perspective of comparison between Chinese law, American law and German law check Full Text
張秋怡 范劍虹 2018. Master
人格特質與自尊的關係研究 : 對成人和中學生的啟示 check Full Text
林永賢 Kam, Chun Seng 2022. Master
人格與中醫體質相關性研究 check Full Text
龐開中 趙靜 2021. Master
人工智能時代的刑事風險和刑法應對 = Challenges and countermeasures : criminal issues in the era of artificial intelligence check Full Text
孫晨 趙國強 2020. Master
人教版, 蘇教版, 粵教版與部編版高中語文必修教材中新詩課文選篇研究 check Full Text
劉一瑾 鄭振偉 2021. Master
人口普查語言項設計的經驗和教訓 = Experience and lessons of designing language item questions in census check Full Text
劉昊坤 張璟瑋 2022. Master
施耀中 竺乾威 2003. Master
人壽保險合同中保險人的明確說明義務研究 = Reseraching [sic] specify obligation of insurer under life insurance contract check Full Text
林霖 稅兵 2020. Master
人性裂變後的家族末路 : 論張愛玲獨特的親情書寫對家族的拆解 = Deteriorated human nature inducing to the family's terminal : Zhang Ailing's achieving of the families' disintergration by unique families' writings
徐璐 朱壽桐 2011. Master
王靜 王一濤 2007. Master
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