UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門餐飲行業語言服務研究 = A case study of language services of restaurants in Macau check Full Text
陳凱迪 徐大明 2016. Master
澳門道教青詞探略 = An exploration of then sacrificial poem (Qingci) on Toaism in Macao check Full Text
黃安琪 譚美玲 2020. Master
澳門居民語言使用及語言態度調查研究 = Investigations on the language use and language attitudes of the Macau residents check Full Text
熊夢蝶 徐大明 2015. Master
澳門旅遊漢語語料庫建設及詞表研製 = Corpus construction and word list development of Macao tourism Chinese check Full Text
李冰 王珊 2022. Master
澳門親屬稱謂變異研究 = The variation research on the kinship appellations of Macau check Full Text
王文倩 邵朝陽 2017. Master
澳門詩人梁彥明研究 = Research on Macao poet Liang Yanming
劉嘉琪 鄧駿捷 2023. Master
澳門書面粵語共時和歷時的變異 = The variation of written Cantonese in Macao in apparent time and real time check Full Text
馬卉嘉 張璟瑋 2022. Master
澳門私立中小學中文教師專業發展現狀及對策 = Teacher professional development of private primary and secondary schools in Macao : status quo and strategies check Full Text
蔡小彤 陳忠 2023. Master
澳門文學中的城市書寫與想象 : 以嚴歌苓、郁達夫等為例 = Urban writing and imagination in Macau literature : a case study of Yan Geling and Yu Dafu check Full Text
鄧凱月 龔剛 2022. Master
澳門現存客家村落之文化景觀研究 = A research of existing Macao Hakka villages in cultural landscape check Full Text
楊嵐雅 譚美玲 2020. Master

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