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漢英葡政府機構名稱詞序對比研究 = A comparison of word order in government agency name among Chinese, English and Portuguese
李㼆穎 陳忠 2024. Master
漢語 "居住" 義動詞的共時分佈與歷時演變 = Synchronic distribution and diachronic development of verbs encoding "live" in Chinese check Full Text
馬嘉慧 徐宇航 2021. Master
漢語 "NP 的 VP" 結構中的 "名物化" 和 "名詞化" = The lexical nominalization and syntactic nominalization in Chinese NP-de-VP construction check Full Text
陳章 劉鴻勇 2019. Master
漢語的"虛成分"及相關語法理論問題 = Non-essential elements in Chinese and relevant grammatical issues check Full Text
叢冠良 徐杰 2022. Master
漢語同音詞的心理儲存表徵 : 基於 EEG 的語義啟動效應研究 check Full Text
曹慧 靳洪剛 2019. Master
漢語有標說明性因果複句的語序演變和動因研究 = A study on the evolution of clause sequence and motivation of Chinese marked declarative cause-effect compound sentence check Full Text
趙文嬌 陳忠 2020. Master
湖北來鳳方言詞彙研究 = Research on the vocabulary of Hubei Laifeng dialect check Full Text
李金閏 邵朝陽 2021. Master
基於 "兩岸差異詞詞典" 的臺灣 "國語" 特有詞研究 = Research on idiosyncratic words in Taiwan Mandarin based on Dictionary of Different Words Across the Taiwan Strait check Full Text
王秋婷 王銘宇 2017. Master
基於 HSK 語料庫的同素單雙音節動詞偏誤分析 = An error analysis of monosyllabic-verb and disyllabic-verb with the same morpheme based on HSK dynamic composition corpus check Full Text
宋樂全 王銘宇 2019. Master
基於大規模語料編制漢語國際教育學術詞表的研究 = Research on compiling the academic word list of Chinese international education based on large-scale corpus check Full Text
張霽陽 陳忠 2020. Master

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