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構字語境對 "說文" "羊" 部件字構意影響的研究 = Study on the influence of Chinese word-formation language environment on Chinese character configuration and meaning of Yang words in Shuo Wen Jie Zi check Full Text
徐嘉憶 邵朝陽 2020. Master
古今哀祭文體式演變研究 = The research on genre of mourning writing check Full Text
徐洪歸 譚美玲 2022. Master
關於薩特戲劇主體性的研究 = A study on the subjectivity of Sartre's drama
胡致遠 龔剛 2024. Master
廣州話雙音節詞的變調研究 = Studies on Cantonese disyllabic word's tone sandhi check Full Text
蕭啟迪 許德寶 2017. Master
廣州呂田本地話音韻特徵與性質研究 = On the phonological characteristics and affiliation of the Lutian dialect in Guangzhou check Full Text
唐瀚宇 徐宇航 2022. Master
國際漢語教學多模態話語分析 : 以初級綜合課為例 check Full Text
劉峻宇 王珊 2019. Master
海德格爾哲學視域下穆旦"非詩意"概念的探究 = An inquiry into Mu Dan's "unpoetic" concept within the horizon of Heidegger's philosophy
李彥序 龔剛 2024. Master
海口話核心詞研究 = Study on the core vocabulary items in Haikou dialect check Full Text
吳艷 王銘宇 2020. Master
韓愈 "鱷魚文" 研究 : 中國古代散文寓言性的探索 = Make a study of HanYu and E'YuWen : on fables nature in Chinese classical prose
李河慧 鄧國光 2005. Master
漢德語"前後/內外"空間方向選擇及其認知動因對比 = A contrast of cognitive styles underlying spatial orientation "front-back/inside-outside" between Chinese and German check Full Text
鍾琦 陳忠 2023. Master

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