UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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元宇宙與未來詩學 = Metaverse and poetics of future
王一涵 龔剛 2024. Master
再議現代漢語中的 "流行語" 與 "熱詞" = A revisit of catchwords and hot words in modern Chinese check Full Text
王匡弋洋 王銘宇 2016. Master
在地編纂與在台選本 : 馬華文學經典詩歌選本比較研究 = Local compilation and selected editions in Taiwan : a comparative study of classical poem compilation on Malaysian Chinese literature
蔣婷 龔剛 2024. Master
張潔新時期小說的"人學"審視 = Analysis on "Ren Xue" in Zhang Jie' s new period novels check Full Text
李靜潤 朱壽桐 2023. Master
哲性鄉愁 : 魯迅精神世界與文學書寫的再認識 = Philosophical nostalgia : the recognition of Lu Xun’s spiritual world and literaray [sic] writing check Full Text
馬靜一 龔剛 2020. Master
真實與諷刺的呈現及消解 : 論葛浩文對 "馬伯樂" 的翻譯及續寫 = Realism and satire : on the translation and continuation of Ma Bo’le’s Second Life by Howard Goldblatt check Full Text
徐奕欣 龔剛 2020. Master
中高級漢語學習者給予類雙及物構式與格交替的多因素研究 = The multifactorial analysis of dative alternation by the intermediate and advanced L2 learners of Chinese check Full Text
林建宇 陳忠 2020. Master
中國內地遊客對澳門粵語感知的研究 = A survey on the Chinese Mainland tourists' perceptions of Macao Cantonese check Full Text
黃毓雯 張璟瑋 2020. Master
中國現當代文學中的港滬雙城書寫研究 = Research on the writing of the two cities (Hong Kong and Shanghai) in modern and contemporary Chinese literature check Full Text
葉玉倩 朱壽桐 2020. Master
中文電影詞滙分析 = Lexical analysis of Chinese films check Full Text
張育源 王珊 2021. Master

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