Books on China Online, 16th – Early 20th Century (早期中國研究選輯, 十六至二十世紀初)

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American courts in China
Lobingier, Charles Sumner, 1919
American scholarship in Chinese history : a paper read at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association
Latourette, Kenneth Scott,author 1918
An account of the plants collected by Mr. M.P. Price on the Carruthers-Miller-Price Expedition through North-West Mongolia and Chinese Dzungaria in 1910
Price, M. P. 1913
An American diplomat in China
Reinsch, Paul Samuel, 1912
An outline history of China.
Gowen, Herbert 1913
An outline history of China.
Gowen, Herbert 1913
Annals & memoirs of the Court of Peking : from the 16th to the 20th century
Backhouse, 1914
At home and on the battlefield : letters from the Crimea, China and Egypt, 1854-1888
Stephenson, Frederick Charles Arthur,author 1915
Better side of the Chinese character : its relation to a white Australia and the development of our tropical territory
Cole, E. 1918
Boussole du langage mandarin : texte chinois avec annotations
Boucher, Henri,auteur 1919

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