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基於國際中文教材的漢字教學研究 = Research on Chinese characters teaching based on international Chinese textbooks
李盈璇 邵朝陽 2024. Master
現代漢語“2+2”型四字詞詞法探析 = A study on word-formation rules of "2+2" four-character words in Mandarin Chinese
王學韜 王銘宇 2024. Master
中小學語文教材古詩詞中顏色詞的釋義方法論探討 : 以"白"字例 = A methodological exploration of the interpretation of color words in ancient poetry in Chinese textbooks for primary and secondary schools : taking the character "white" as an example
古利佳 邵朝陽 2024. Master
可逆自移件句的換位機制及認知動因 = Transposition mechanisms and cognitive motivations of self-motion reversible sentences
高照 陳忠 2024. Master
同位結構「單數人稱代詞+(一)個+NP」的主觀性功能研究 = A study on the subjective function of the appositive construction " singular personal pronoun + (yi) ge + NP"
虞崑 陳忠 2024. Master
漢英葡政府機構名稱詞序對比研究 = A comparison of word order in government agency name among Chinese, English and Portuguese
李㼆穎 陳忠 2024. Master
語境先行的漢語方言詞釋義探究 : 以港澳粵語含動物語素雙字詞分析為例 = A study on the interpretation of Chinese dialect words based on context : a case of animal morphemes of two-character words in Hong Kong and Macau Cantonese check Full Text
戴甜 邵朝陽 2022. Master
17世紀漳州方言文獻中的多功能詞"共" "合" "同"及其演變 = Multifunctional words Gong, He, Tong in 17th century Zhangzhou dialectal records and their diachronic changes check Full Text
洪秋蘋 徐宇航 2022. Master
句首數量短語結構的句法分析 = A grammatical analysis of the construction with sentence initial numeral phrases check Full Text
陳浩 劉鴻勇 2016. Master
從 "聊齋誌異" 中鬼的形象看蒲松齡的愛情哲學 = A study of Pu Songling's philosophy of love from the perspective of the imagery of ghosts in Liao Zhai Zhi Yi check Full Text
陳家杰 鄧駿捷 2016. Master

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