UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date arrow_drop_up Degree
A comparative analysis of news frames on Diaoyu Islands dispute among three Chinese TV stations check Full Text
Zhao, Xiao Xi Chen, Huai Lin 2013. Master
Wuthering Wukan : community communication and social drama in peasant's mass incidents in China check Full Text
Dang, Hao Simpson, Timothy Alan 2013. Master
Rhetorical visions of migrant workers in China : a fantasy theme analysis of migrant worker Weibo groups check Full Text
Shi, Lu 吳玫 2013. Master
A study of online recruiting advertising from employer branding and attractiveness perspective check Full Text
Lu, Xiao Dan Chang, Wen Yu 2013. Master
Macao's political reform consultation in 2012 : a case study on public engagement check Full Text
Cheong, Kin Mei Li, Ying 2013. Master
Industry accident versus crime : a comparative analysis of media frames on food safety incidents in newspapers of mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong check Full Text
Yu, Yue Chen, Huai Lin 2013. Master
Outsiders in the city : media representation of Chinese female migrant workers check Full Text
Wang, Shi Yuan Shi, Wei 2013. Master
Show-off or national glory? : a framing analysis of newspaper coverage on Shanghai Exposition 2010 from mainland China and Hong Kong media check Full Text
Lao, Ka Lai Chen, Huai Lin 2013. Master
Transforming TDM into a public service broadcaster? Limitations and possibilities check Full Text
Lei, Hao Wan Liu Shih Diing 2013. Master
A semiotics analysis of a propaganda-poster-like painting check Full Text
Zhang, Guo Nan Tan, See Kam 2014. Master

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