UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date arrow_drop_up Degree
Modification of the hiley formula by considering pile length
Ao, Peng Kong Subrahmanyam, M. S. 2007. Doctoral
Three-dimensional analysis of functionally graded material plates, free vibration in thermal environment and thermal buckling
Li, Qian Iu, Vai Pan 2008. Doctoral
Emergy synthesis for ecological economical system of Macao
Lei, Kam Peng 王志石 2008. Doctoral
Investigation on EPC method for the PDF solutions of some nonlinear stochastic oscillators with poisson excitations
Zhu, Hai Tao Iu, Vai Pan 2009. Doctoral
Enhancement of efficiency and robustness of Kalman filter based statistical air quality models by using Bayesian approach
Hoi, Ka In Mok Kai Meng 2010. Doctoral
The assessment of E-waste management in Macau with LCA method and emergy analysis
Song, Qing Bin 王志石 2012. Doctoral
Aerobic bioremoval of CAHs and BTEX from contaminated soil check Full Text
Li, Jun Hui Shim, Hojae 2012. Doctoral
Investigation on the unsymmetrical probabilistic solutions of some nonlinear stochastic oscillators with EPC method
Guo, Xiu Xiu Er, Guo Kang 2013. Doctoral
Probabilistic approach for robust parametric identification, outlier detection and real-time model class selection check Full Text
Mu, He Qing Yuen, Ka Veng 2014. Doctoral
Two-dimensional dynamic analysis of functionally graded structures by using meshfree boundary-domain integral equation method
Yang, Yang Kou, Kun Pang 2015. Doctoral

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