UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor arrow_drop_up Issue Date Degree
Portrayals of COVID-19 communication and responses on social media: An analysis of Facebook posts from 2019-2022 in Macao, China
Xian, Xue Chang Chang, Wen Yu 2024. Doctoral
The impact of media exposure on Chinese dietary choices during the COVID-19 pandemic
Jiao, Wen Chang, Wen Yu 2023. Doctoral
Framing protests : a dynamic theretical interaction model check Full Text
Xu, Min Chen, Huai Lin 2018. Doctoral
From colony to S.A.R. : analyzing changing frames of image portrayed in films before and after Macau's return to China check Full Text
Huang, Ya Wen Chen, Huai Lin 2018. Doctoral
Beyong ''ideological determinism'' : A multi-factor proximity framing study of international terrorism coverage check Full Text
Yang, Liu Chen, Huai Lin 2017. Doctoral
The public relations industry in China : experience and perceptions
Yu, Fei Fitzgerald Richard 2023. Doctoral
Time and space in real-time activity : a projection analysis of a synchronised multi-angle video of training interaction check Full Text
Au Yeung, Shing Hung Fitzgerald Richard 2021. Doctoral
Ethnomethodological analysis of online classroom interaction
Huang, Shan Huang, Shan 2024. Doctoral
Migrant youth on the Kuaishou short-video platform : platformisation, practice, and governance check Full Text
Zhou, Min Liu Shih Diing 2022. Doctoral
Towards a politics of ourselves : Chinese internet celebrity's practices of self-governance check Full Text
Lin, Zhong Xuan Liu Shih Diing 2017. Doctoral

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