UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The design of a basic Chinese as a foreign language course at a Canadian university check Full Text
Lin, Yan Zhao, Guan Fang 2020. Master
江陰普通話變體的語音特點研究 = A study of phonological features of Jiangyin Putonghua variation check Full Text
沈乾 侍建國 2017. Master
陽江普通話的語音分析 = A phonological analysis of Yangjiang Putonghua check Full Text
葉芳菲 侍建國 2019. Master
澳門現存西人所編漢語教材比較研究 = A comparative study of Chinese textbooks compiled by Westerners in Macao check Full Text
祖羞月 侍建國 2019. Master
太谷普通話變體的聲韻特徵 = A study of phonological features of initials and finals of Putonghua variant in Taigu, Shanxi Province check Full Text
楊捷 侍建國 2015. Master
南通普通話變體語音研究 = A phonological study of Nantong Putonghua variant check Full Text
王超 侍建國 2015. Master
東莞普通話變體語音研究 = A phonological study of Putonghua variant in Dongguan check Full Text
陳嘉瑩 侍建國 2015. Master
容縣楊村方言兩字組連讀變調研究 = A study of tone sandhi of bicyllabic words in Yangcun dialect check Full Text
李幼平 侍建國 2017. Master
句首數量短語結構的句法分析 = A grammatical analysis of the construction with sentence initial numeral phrases check Full Text
陳浩 劉鴻勇 2016. Master
"A不到哪里去"結構的語義和句法分析 = A semantic and syntactic analysis of "A-budao nali qu" construction check Full Text
朱月婷 劉鴻勇 2023. Master

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