UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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大學教師作為知識份子的政治角色扮演 : 以 S 大學為例 check Full Text
郭正陽 王紅宇 2020. Doctoral
社會紐帶理論視野下的在學青少年越軌行為研究 : 以中國內地某市的量化研究為例 check Full Text
Lin, Jian Li, De 2015. Doctoral
A comparative study of Yan Xishan and Bo Yibo : roles they played and their ethical dilemmas as revolutionary intellectuals check Full Text
Liu, Cheng Chen Lu, Melody Chia-Wen 2021. Doctoral
A study on incarcerated offenders of new generation migrant workers in China check Full Text
Jin, Cheng Liu Jianhong 2016. Doctoral
An exploratory study of citizens' attitudes toward the exclusionary rule in China check Full Text
Cui, Shan Liu Jianhong 2021. Doctoral
Attitudes of Guangzhou public toward criminal retrial : predictors and process from the relationism theory check Full Text
Wang, Bing Ping Liu Jianhong 2021. Doctoral
Authoritative parenting, juvenile delinquency and crime victimization : a longitudinal study among Chinese adolescents check Full Text
Xiong, Ruo Shan Li, De 2020. Doctoral
Child maltreatment and chronic offending : an exploratory study using a sample of incarcerated male juvenile offenders in China
Yao, Xue Ning Zhao, Ruo Hui 2022. Doctoral
Coercive control victimization in intimate relationships and its correlation with space for action among men and women : a case study of a rural area in China check Full Text
Zhang, Lu Yue Kuo, Shih-Ya 2022. Doctoral
Computational social science : from data collecting to analysis
Li, Fu Min Cai, Tian Ji 2023. Doctoral

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