UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title arrow_drop_up Author Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Can digital piracy be deterred through formal and informal social control? : a research proposal on testing the impact of personal morality check Full Text
Chong, Si Cheng Liu, Hai Yan 2017. Master
Causes of child trafficking in China check Full Text
Chen, Dong Ting Kuo, Shih-Ya 2021. Master
Childhood maltreatment and criminal recidivism : a study of Chinese prisoners check Full Text
Jia, Hong Fei Liu Jianhong 2019. Master
Children exposed to intimate partner violence : research on intergenerational transmission of intimate partner violence offending check Full Text
Chen, Yan Lin Zhao, Rao Hui 2022. Master
Cognitive-behavioral interventions for juvenile delinquency : a review of the research-based literature
Chen, Xin Yi Li, De 2023. Master
Collecting web data for social science research check Full Text
Li, Fu Min Cai, Tian Ji 2018. Master
Collective efficacy and perceptions of public safety : a cross-sectional study based on the 2016 Survey of the China Family Panel Studies check Full Text
Wu, Rui Zhao, Ruo Hui 2019. Master
Contested norms and fluid subjectivity : Muslim female students in Macao
Wang, An Zhuo Lu, Melody Chia-Wen 2023. Master
Coping with discrimination : a qualitative study of Africans in China check Full Text
Kaiser, Isaac 徐建華 2021. Master
Corruption governance of the Chinese state-owned enterprise after the reform : a case study of Daqing Oilfield check Full Text
Kang, Xu Lu, Melody Chia-Wen 2019. Master

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