UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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An exploration of traditional Chinese medicine as a potential source of mental health support in the Greater Bay Area of China check Full Text
Shen, Zhuo Zhuo Hall, Brian James 2020. Doctoral
An investigation of the association between empathy and gambling disorder: The use of neuroimaging and questionnaire data
Zhou, Hui Wu, Anise M. S. 2024. Doctoral
Applying the commonsense model of self-regulation to gambling disorder and responsible gambling
Yang, Hong Mian Wu, Anise M. S. 2024. Doctoral
Attentional and neural mechanisms of multisensory categorization and its development
Li, Jian Hua Deng, Wei 2023. Doctoral
Attitudes toward zouhoumen : roles of guanxi type, social norms, and socioeconomic status check Full Text
Wang, Yi Wen Bernardo, Allan B. I. 2018. Doctoral
Bloom where you are planted : place identity construction of third culture kids check Full Text
Lijadi, Anastasia Aldelina Van Schalkwyk, Gertina J. 2015. Doctoral
Childhood unpredictability, life history, and the treade-off between intuitive and deliberate cognitive styles check Full Text
Wang, Xin Rui Chang, Lei 2022. Doctoral
Confidence intervals for standardized coefficients : applied to regression coefficients in primary studies and indirect effects in meta-analytic structural equation modeling check Full Text
Pesigan, Ivan Jacob Agaloos Cheung, Shu Fai 2022. Doctoral
Cultural variations in autonomous and relational helping motivations, and their influence on subjective well-being check Full Text
Feng, Chun Guo, Tie Yuan 2020. Doctoral
Detecting estimate bias in the standardized mean difference due to nonnormality in meta-analysis check Full Text
Sun, Rong Wei Cheung, Shu Fai 2020. Doctoral

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