UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The development of Japanese influence on Hong Kong film industry through Hong Kong newspaper, 1950-1979
Wong, Lam Cheng 何偉傑 2015. Master
The development of the concept of hell in China and the cult of Dizang and ten kings
Jiang, Xiao 朱天舒 2015. Master
The entourage of protective deities of the Thousand-armed Guanyin check Full Text
Zhang, Yi Tian 朱天舒 2017. Master
The heaven and earth society revolts and local militarization : a case study of Xinhui, 1854-1855 check Full Text
Li, Hui Shi 何偉傑 2014. Master
The imagination of the city : public life in Macao, 1850-1930 check Full Text
Sou, Ka In 王笛 2019. Master
The interaction between pirates and the government in Guangdong Province during the 1850s-1900s check Full Text
Liu, Bingqing Saldanha Antonio Vasconcelos de 2016. Master
The material life in Shanghai : seen from the advertisements in the Ping Bao (1928-1932) check Full Text
Zheng, Ting Yu 王笛 2017. Master
The origin of piaose and its relationship with drama : a study of piaose in Wuchuan and Leizhou counties in Leizhou Peninsula
Li, Xiao Man 朱天舒 2016. Master
The politics of Cantonese language in China : from the collapse of tianxia to the construction of nation-state (1840-1929) check Full Text
Zhang, Wei Feng 王笛 2019. Master
The ritual space of Hongsheng Dawang and his five sons in "Nangang Fifteen Xiang"
Huang, Mei Ling 朱天舒 2014. Master

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