UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Efficient power management design for energy harvesting biomedical applications check Full Text
Chen, Zhi Yuan Martins, Rui Paulo 2018. Doctoral
Electromagnetic sub-MHz modeling of multilayer human limb for the Galvanic Coupling type Intra-Body Communication check Full Text
Pun, Sio Hang Vai, Mang I 2011. Doctoral
Electronic-automated digital microfluidic system for multi-analysis check Full Text
Dong, Cheng Vai, Mang I 2017. Doctoral
Electronic-automated intelligent digital microfluidic system and its applications to DNA amplification check Full Text
Gao, Jie Martins, Rui Paulo 2015. Doctoral
Energy efficient sensing interface and systems for Internet of everything application check Full Text
Wu, Jiang Chao Law, Man Kay 2021. Doctoral
Fatigue evaluation and alleviation during the usage of steady state visually evoked potential based brain-computer interfaces check Full Text
Peng, Yu Fan Wan, Feng 2022. Doctoral
Galvanic coupling human body communication channel modeling for Medical Implantable Devices Communication (MIDC) check Full Text
Zhang, Shuang Vai, Mang I 2019. Doctoral
Generalized low-voltage circuit design techniques for very high-speed time-interleaved pipelined ADC
Sin, Sai-Weng Martins, Rui Paulo 2008. Doctoral
Handheld CMOS-based NMR devices for biological/chemical diagnosis check Full Text
Lei, Ka Meng Mak, Pui-In 2016. Doctoral
High performance gain error tolerance noise-shaping SAR-assisted pipeline ADC
Zhang, Hong Shuai Chan, Chi Hang 2023. Doctoral

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