UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The multi-puff approach and the data assimilation technique to improve a classical Gaussian plume model
Leong, Ka U Mok Kai Meng 2001. Master
The optimum outrigger locations in outrigger-braced structures with new governing equations and complex objectives check Full Text
Wang, Xing Hua Er, Guo Kang 2010. Master
The role of independent consultant in monitoring & controlling public construction projects in Macau
Tai, Wai Kit Ao Ieong, Tai Man 2022. Master
The stress intensity factors for deep semi-elliptical surface crack in finite-thickness plate
Kuok, Kin Man Kou, Kun Pang 2002. Master
The verification on calculating consolidation for a ground improvement project in Macau under the assumption of hypothesis A and hypothesis B methods check Full Text
Lao, Ka Chong Lok, Man Hoi 2021. Master
Three-dimensional finite element analyses of semi-elliptical surface cracks in finite functionally graded material plates subjected to triangular surface load check Full Text
Cao, Jin Long Kou, Kun Pang 2017. Master
Three-dimensional finite element modelling on pile-supported embankment with geo-grid reinforcement check Full Text
Lao, Jun Yuan Zhou, Wan Huan 2016. Master
Three-dimensional free vibration analysis of functionally graded material plate resting on Pasternak foundation
Fang, Yi Zhi Iu, Vai Pan 2013. Master
Three-dimensional geological modeling with borehole data by general regression neural network check Full Text
Chen, Guang Ming Zhou, Wan Huan 2018. Master
Two-dimensional exact analysis of functionally graded piezoelectric cantilevers under electric and mechanical loadings check Full Text
Gao, Xiong Iu, Vai Pan 2018. Master

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