UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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陳澧的陶淵明詩評研究 = A study of Chen Li's critique of poetry of Tao Yuanming check Full Text
尤坤 鄧國光 2015. Master
從 "聊齋誌異" 中鬼的形象看蒲松齡的愛情哲學 = A study of Pu Songling's philosophy of love from the perspective of the imagery of ghosts in Liao Zhai Zhi Yi check Full Text
陳家杰 鄧駿捷 2016. Master
從"哲性鄉愁"看畢飛宇《青衣》的戲曲書寫 = The writing of the opera in Bi Feiyu's "Tsing Yi" from the perspective of "philosophical nostalgia" check Full Text
李雨君 龔剛 2022. Master
從《北京兒歌》看 "兒" 構詞的語義限制條件 = The semantic constraints of Erhua from Pekinese Rhymes check Full Text
張楠 邵朝陽 2022. Master
從史籍到戲曲論呂布形象流變 = Research on the evolution of Lv Bu from historical records to classical opera check Full Text
鄭璐璐 譚美玲 2019. Master
大學生言語社區探究 : 言語互動與語言認同的相關性研究 = Exploring the speech community of university students : a correlational study of speech interaction and language identity check Full Text
晉源 徐大明 2016. Master
當代流行歌曲對語法規則的突破及其意義 = Violations of grammatical rules in contemporary popular songs and their significance check Full Text
孫藝菲 徐杰 2019. Master
當代網絡文學中的性別向文化研究 = The cultural research of gender type in contemporary network literature check Full Text
朱皓月 朱壽桐 2022. Master
東莞普通話變體語音研究 = A phonological study of Putonghua variant in Dongguan check Full Text
陳嘉瑩 侍建國 2015. Master
東西方 "等待" 主題研究 : 以 "紫釵記" 與 "蝴蝶夫人" 為例 = The "waiting for lover's home coming" theme contrastive study on xiqu Zi Chai Ji and opera Madama Butterfly check Full Text
冼樂遙 譚美玲 2017. Master

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