UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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中文在澳內地大學生廣東話習得調查報告 = An investigation of Cantonese acquisition among Mainland Chinese students in Macau check Full Text
王麗 徐大明 2016. Master
中小學語文教材古詩詞中顏色詞的釋義方法論探討 : 以"白"字例 = A methodological exploration of the interpretation of color words in ancient poetry in Chinese textbooks for primary and secondary schools : taking the character "white" as an example
古利佳 邵朝陽 2024. Master
忠節與文質 : 顏真卿生平及文章思想研究 = A study of Yan Zhenqing and his literary thought check Full Text
張立業 鄧國光 2015. Master
朱定元《靜寧堂詩集》校注與研究 = The annotation and research of Zhu Dingyuan's Jingningtang Poetry check Full Text
趙蕙 張月 2023. Master
珠海粵語調域的變異研究 = A study on the variation of tone range in Zhuhai Cantonese check Full Text
劉瓊玉 張璟瑋 2020. Master
莊子對阮籍詠懷詩的影響 = Zhuangzi's influence on Ruan Ji's Yong Huai poems check Full Text
陳立新 張月 2023. Master
資本驅動下的 "野蠻" 生長 : 論網路小說與影視的發展現狀 = On network novels and it's film-TV plays check Full Text
黃耀民 朱壽桐 2016. Master
宗白華意境論之文學研究釋例 : 從謝靈運山水詩意境探微 = On Zong Baihua's literary theory of Yijing (artistic conception) : implications from an analysis of Xie Lingyun's Shanshui (landscape) poems check Full Text
李俏紅 鄧國光 2016. Master
左翼文學論爭中魯迅思想的轉變 = The changes of Lu Xun's thought in the left-wing literature debate check Full Text
董婉儀 朱壽桐 2019. Master
MCS(LING) 000 (SAMPLE) 微信 Emoji 表情符號的語言學研究 = A linguistic study of WeChat Emoji emotion
張代佳 邵朝陽 2019. Master

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