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基於多模態話語分析的語塊教學 = The teaching of multiword expressions based on multimodal discourse analysis check Full Text
石冰倩 王珊 2021. Master
基於構字語境的漢字構意研究 : 以 "說文" 牛構件字為例 = A research on the conformation meanings of Chinese characters based on the context of construction : taking the radicals Niu (牛) in Shuowen Jiezi as an example check Full Text
譚晶文 邵朝陽 2020. Master
基於國際中文教材的漢字教學研究 = Research on Chinese characters teaching based on international Chinese textbooks
李盈璇 邵朝陽 2024. Master
基於依存語法的漢語離合類動詞研究 = Chinese verbs of combining and separating based on dependency grammar check Full Text
吳樂 王珊 2021. Master
基於依存語法的漢語欣賞和欲望類動詞研究 = Chinese verbs of admiring and desiring based on dependency grammar check Full Text
湯蕾 王珊 2021. Master
基於依存語法的現代漢語涉身類動詞研究 = Study of verbs involving the body in modern Chinese based on dependency grammar check Full Text
陳姝池 王珊 2021. Master
基於語料庫的立法漢語與通用漢語常用詞對比研究 = A corpus-based comparative study of common words in legislative Chinese and general Chinese check Full Text
殷久涵 陳忠 2020. Master
激活理論在對外漢語轉喻和隱喻類成語教學中的應用 = The application of activation theory in the teaching of metonymy and metaphor idioms in TCFL check Full Text
席楊楊 陳忠 2020. Master
見證視野下對革命文學中女性形象的再解讀 : 以丁玲《我在霞村的時候》和Elena Poniatowska《直到我看見你, 我的赫蘇薩》的比較分析為例 = The re-interpretation of the female figure in revolutionary literature from a testimonial perspective : a comparative analysis of Ding Ling's When I was in Xia Cun and Elena Poniatowska's Hasta no verte, Jesús mío check Full Text
劉涵鈺 龔剛 2023. Master
建甌方言的反復問句 = The X-Neg-X polar question in Jian'ou dialect check Full Text
楊博瀚 劉鴻勇 2019. Master

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