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"法案" 還是 "議案"? : 從澳門特別行政區基本法中葡文版本差異看澳門立法議員的立法提案權 = "Bill" or "motion"? : a study of the proposal rights of the Legislative Council of the Macao Special Administrative Region, based on the difference between the Chinese and the Portuguese version of Macao Basic Law check Full Text
胡楷琦 駱偉建 2018. Master
"一地兩檢" 與港澳 "基本法" 之法律研究 = Legal research on "Co-location" and Basic Law of Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R. check Full Text
趙嘉亮 駱偉建 2020. Master
"一國兩制" 視野下的中央監督權研究 check Full Text
張強 駱偉建 2017. Doctoral
"一國兩制" 下的中央與特區關係研究 : 理論構建與制度完善 check Full Text
江華 駱偉建 2016. Doctoral
"一國兩制" 與澳門治理民主化 check Full Text
龐嘉穎 駱偉建 2012. Doctoral
"一體二元" 論視角下的特別行政區制度 : 國家治理與特別行政區自治的結構和關係的分析 check Full Text
紀熠 駱偉建 2018. Doctoral
澳門法院違基本法審查權中的幾個基本問題研究 = Research on the several basic questions on Macau courts' power of legislative review according to the Basic Law check Full Text
陳睿 駱偉建 2017. Master
澳門基本法第 129 條專業制度研究 = A study on the Article 129 of the Macau Basic Law : the professional system in Macau check Full Text
李寶榮 駱偉建 2017. Master
澳門基本法監督制度的若干問題研究 = The studies of certains questions about the supervision system of the Basic Law of Macau
區少玫 駱偉建 2009. Master
澳門立法會公益辯論研究 = Study on public debate of Macao Legislative Council check Full Text
李碩輝 駱偉建 2017. Master

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