UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)


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環境健康研究大數據分析的4V條件合規性 : 概況性評價 check Full Text
鄧佩佩 陳勁 2022. Master
基於網絡藥理學的改良乳癰方作用機制研究 check Full Text
張韻 陳勁 2020. Master
中國城市和農村基層醫療機構慢性呼吸系統疾病用藥對比研究 check Full Text
郭琰 陳勁 2019. Master
A comprehensive analysis of biopharmaceutical products listed in the FDA's Purple Book
Chen, Fu Duan 陳勁 2023. Master
A network pharmacology-based study on the quality control markets of antithrombotic herbal pair : using salvia miltiorrhiza-Chuanxiong Rhizoma as an example check Full Text
Peng, Ruo Qian 陳勁 2021. Master
Bibliometrics analysis on global development of clinical trials for fresh ginger and dry dinger
Shao, Shu Min 王一濤 2023. Master
Comparison of growth analysis for Chinese and US-listed pharmaceutical companies from 2003-2018 using the lightGBM algorithm
Wang, Yu 陳勁 2021. Master
Discovery and characterization of new anti-neuroinflammatory drugs targeting TRPC5 ion channels using computational screening and multiple experimental models of neuroinflammation
Kam, Hio Tong 陳勁 2023. Doctoral
Government responses to COVID-19 : comparative study across countries check Full Text
Ling, Dong Min 陳勁 2021. Master
PharmBCS : a biopharmaceutical classification system (BCS) class prediction web-platform based on machine learning algorithms with multiple molecular representations
Wu, Zheng 陳勁 2023. Master

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