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2-methoxy-6-acetyl-7-methyljuglone (MAM), a natural product, killscancer cells by targeting NQO1 check Full Text
Yu, Jie 陳修平 2020. Doctoral
補骨脂定通過誘導 NADPH 氧化酶 4 依賴的活性氧誘導人乳腺癌 MCF-7 細胞 DNA 損傷和自噬 check Full Text
任國文 陳修平 2015. Master
川楝素抑制 TGF-β1 誘導肺癌 A549 細胞 EMT 的作用與機制研究 check Full Text
駱瑋瑋 王一濤 2017. Master
葫蘆素 B 誘導 的 DNA 損傷通過啟動 PTEN 引發肝癌細胞產生保護性自噬 check Full Text
牛亞楠 陳修平 2017. Master
葫蘆素 E 抑制肺癌 95D 細胞增殖的作用與機制研究 check Full Text
馬桂鑫 陳修平 2015. Master
葫蘆素B誘導腫瘤細胞DNA損傷導致G2/M期細胞週期阻滯 / Cucurbitacin B induced DNA damage causes G2/M cell cycle arrest in cancer cells / Guo Jiajie. check Full Text
郭佳傑 陳修平 2013. Master
乙醇增強葫蘆素B肝毒性的作用與機制研究 / Effect and mechanisms of Ethanol augments cucurbitacin B-induced hepatotoxicity /by Ding Qian. check Full Text
丁倩 陳修平 2014. Master
隱丹參酮通過誘導活性氧產生引發腫瘤細胞自噬性死亡 check Full Text
郝文慧 陳修平 2014. Master
Ascorbic acid induced Ca2+-dependent necrosis mediated by ROS and protected by iron in human colorectal cancer cells check Full Text
Wang, Chang Xi 陳修平 2019. Master
Dicoumarol reduces the lung metastasis of triple-negative breast cancer by inhibiting epithelial-mesenchymal transition check Full Text
Wang, Xu Mei 陳修平 2022. Master

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