UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Surface coating of macrophage-regulatory zymosan polysaccharides for enhanced osseointegration on dental implants check Full Text
Shi, Yu Chen 王春明 2018. Master
Supramolecular formulation of anti-SARS-CoV-2 drugs check Full Text
Kwong, Hei Ting Lee, Ming-Yuen 2020. Master
Supramolecular encapsulation of polycation by cucurbit[7]uril and their biomedical applications check Full Text
Huang, Qiao Xian Wang, Rui Bing 2018. Master
Supramolecular encapsulation of bioactive molecules by a synthetic receptor : modulation of chemical and biological properties check Full Text
Yin, Hang Wang, Rui Bing 2018. Master
Study on toxicity of spherical and rodlike mesoporous silica nanoparticles using an in vitro blood flow model and verification in animal models check Full Text
Cheng, Ya Xin Zheng, Ying 2022. Master
Study on the vivo fate of polymeric nanocarriers in zebrafish model and the correlation with mice check Full Text
Wei, Zheng Jie Zheng, Ying 2021. Master
Study on the quality evaluation of Xiasangju granules check Full Text
Yang, Qi Chen, Xiao Jia 2022. Master
Study on the anti-atherogenic effects of saponin fractions from Panax notoginseng in ApoE deficient mice check Full Text
Liu, Cong Hui 萬建波 2020. Master
Study on supercritical fluid extraction of aristolochic acids in Aristolochia plants
Liang, Qing You Zheng, Ying 2007. Master
Study on phytochemicals from the barks of Cedrela odorata and their anti-respiratory syncytial virus activities check Full Text
Zheng, Nan Nan 張慶文 2021. Master

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