UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Understanding the role of information literacy in academic writing in higher education
Yu, Cheng Yuan Zhao, Guan Fang 2023. Doctoral
Translational construction of Byron in China, 1900s-1940s : Poetic rewriting and literary modernity
Du, Ke Xin Sun Yifeng 2023. Doctoral
Translating English relative clauses into Chinese : a corpus-assisted study check Full Text
He, Wen Zhao Li, Defeng 2020. Doctoral
The when, where, and how of Chinese morphological processing in the human brain : evidence from EEG-fNIRS check Full Text
Gao, Fei Zhao, Guan Fang 2022. Doctoral
The poetics of landscape in William Carlos Williams's portry check Full Text
Yang, Zhang Hui Gibson Matthew 2021. Doctoral
The neurocognitive exploration of directionality in Chinese/English sight translation : an fNIRS study check Full Text
He, Yan Li, Defeng 2019. Doctoral
The late eighteenth-century confluence of British-German sentimental literature: Goethe's absorption of Mackenzie's The Man of Feeling, and Jane Austen's parody of Goethe's Die Leiden des jungen Werthers as case studies
Jiang, Xiao Hu Matthew Gibson 2018. Doctoral
The keywords, representation, and conceptualization of China's reform in the State Media Discourse : a corpus-assisted critical study check Full Text
Li, Long Xing Wang, Xian 2023. Doctoral
The influence of eighteenth-century English poetry on the Gothic novels written by Horace Walpole and Ann Radcliffe : the Aubade, the Nocturne and Graveyard Poetry check Full Text
Chen, Shu Ping Gibson, Matthew 2019. Doctoral
The discourses of Twitter and Weibo : how two microblogging communities responded to major industrial accidents check Full Text
Wu, Xiao Ping Montgomery, Martin 2017. Doctoral

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