UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門特別行政區公務人員聘任制度法律問題研究 = A study on the legal problems of the regime of recruitment of public servants in Macao Special Administrative Region check Full Text
譚慧華 何志遠 2018. Master
從澳門法的角度探析澳門特區跨境電商爭議解決機制 = E-commerce and online dispute resolution in light of Macao legal framework check Full Text
張鋭坤 梁靜姮 2020. Master
論夫妻雙方負責之債務 : 以 1999 年的澳門 "民法典" 為背景 = An essay about the marital debts to be borne by the spouses against the background of Macau Civil Code of 1999 check Full Text
劉嘉悅 梁靜姮 2021. Master
論個人生物識別信息保護的研究 = A study on protection of biometric information check Full Text
徐葉弘 稅兵 2021. Master
對澳門警察行使職權的問題探究 : 以行使查證權為主要研究對象 check Full Text
陸穎琳 邱庭彪 2020. Master
論本澳強制措施對非本澳居民之適用問題 = The issue of adopting Macau criminal mandatory measures upon non-residents check Full Text
曾浩然 李哲 2022. Master
Taxation of casino games of chance in Macau check Full Text
Niu, Jia Xin 邱庭彪 2021. Master
European Union law on the digital single market : the legal issues of transborder data flows on personal information check Full Text
Wu, Yang Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2020. Master
粵港澳大灣區人口管理法律制度研究 : 以港澳居民身份與內地居民身份的衝突為視角 = Study on the legal system of population management in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao : from the perspective of the conflict between the resident status of Hong Kong and Macao and the residence status of mainland China check Full Text
鍾靈 江華 2021. Master
半公罪制度下的被害人保障研究 = Research on the protection of victims under the half-public crime system check Full Text
梁子健 李哲 2021. Master

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