UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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技術模仿所涉及的法律問題研究 = The study of legal issue for technological imitation
王晴 范劍虹 2012. Master
侵犯商業秘密的構成要件研究 = The constitutive requirements of trade secrets infringement check Full Text
蔣卓 范劍虹 2012. Master
論實行行為之認定 = On tatausfuhrung
陳和健 趙國強 2012. Master
澳門青少年犯罪探析 = Macao youth crime analysis
尹樂 趙國強 2012. Master
傾銷損害確定的法律問題研究 = Analysis of legal problems in determination of injury in antidumping law
吳凌雲 范劍虹 2012. Master
民法上 "物" 的探索 = Research on "Thing" in civil law
張靜 唐曉晴 2012. Master
論網絡環境中的著作權侵權與保護 = Copyright infringement and protection in network environment
劉琪 唐曉晴 2012. Master
夫妻違反忠誠義務的法律與社會學淺析 = The law and sociology analysis of husband and wife's violation of loyalty
國熙 汪超 2013. Master
從比較法角度論中國地區無人繼承財產制度之構建 = Analysis on the non-inheritance property system in Mainlang China : from the perspertive of comparative law
陳暐 唐曉晴 2012. Master
我國對外貿易中的技術性貿易措施 : 以中醫藥出口遭遇的技術性貿易措施為例 = The technical measures to trade in international trade : especially on the export of traditional Chinese medicine
熊暢 魏丹 2012. Master

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