UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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牛傳妤 卞鷹 2023. Master
Self-medication by older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic : implications for pharmacists in supporting public health measures in Macao
Zheng, Yu Ung, Oi Lam 2023. Master
何莎 王一濤 2023. Master
中國居民使用抗生素進行自我藥療現狀及相關影響因素: 一項全國大樣本橫斷面調查研究
王丹妮 卞鹰 2023. Master
Comparative analysis of the burden of population aging in Macau, Hong Kong, and Singapore : conventional and education-health adjusted perspectives
Xue, Dong Mei 卞鷹 2023. Master
Investigating parents’ intention for children aged 3-5 years to receive COVID-19 vaccine : a mixed-method study In Macao
Choi, Un I Ung, Oi Lam 2023. Master
Development and initial validation of a logic model to strengthen hospital pharmacist interventions for COPD patients in Macao : the pharmacist perspective
Zheng, Jia Qi 王一濤 2023. Master
The global HER2-targeted biologics patent landscape
Sun, Qian Shu 胡元佳 2023. Master
Efficacy and safety of direct-acting antiviral regimen for patients with hepatitis c virus genotype 2 : a systematic review and meta-analysis
Lei, Pek Kei 胡豪 2023. Master
Review and prospects of the dementia policy in Macao : recommendations for advancing a dementia integrated care model
Tang, Pou Kuan Ung, Oi Lam 2023. Master

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