UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor arrow_drop_up Issue Date Degree
父母教養方式, 幼兒氣質與幼兒情緒性和情緒調節之相關研究 check Full Text
施媚妮 Mak, Chi Kuan 2016. Master
An exploratory study of the association between parent-adolescent relationship and family sex communication in Chinese context check Full Text
Li, Ming Hui Mak, Chi Kuan 2015. Master
On the construct validation of Chinese students' attitude towards science check Full Text
Huang, Liu Oon, Pey Tee 2017. Master
跨學科 STEM 教育概念框架的系統綜述 check Full Text
廖綺婷 Oon, Pey-Tee 2023. Master
建立連貫的形成性評估 : 將學習成果與科學課堂的學習目標互相匹配 check Full Text
茹海嘉 Oon, Pey-Tee 2019. Master
基於理論視角和分析結果探討小學算術連貫性形成性評價的建立 check Full Text
張莉 Oon, Pey-Tee 2020. Master
A duoethnography of a Chinese pre-service teacher's encounters with primary school students spelling errors in the English classroom check Full Text
Jing, Yi Mei Reynolds, Barry Lee Master
Learning English vocabulary from word cards : a research synthesis check Full Text
Lei, Yuan Ying Reynolds, Barry Lee 2022. Master
The effect of reading purpose on incidental acquisition and retention of vocabulary from reading check Full Text
Ma, Xiao Yan Reynolds, Barry Lee 2022. Master
Incidental learning of English derivational neutral noun suffixes from reading : an eye-tracking study check Full Text
Shi, Jia Xuan Reynolds, Barry Lee 2022. Master

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