UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The impact of appearance-related commentary on Chinese young women' cosmetic surgery consideration : the mediating role of self-objectification and the moderating role of appearance-based rejection sensitivity check Full Text
Liang, Ze Xi Ching, Ho Hong 2023. Master
Investigating predictive factors of Chinese young people's attitudes towards transsexual men check Full Text
He, Chu Ting Ching, Ho Hong 2022. Master
The relations among appearance-related commentary, restrained eating and compulsive exercise : the role of body dissatisfaction and functionality appreciation
Zhang, Zhao Yi Ching, Ho Hong 2023. Master
Parental stress, parenting styles and socioemotional outcomes of deaf and hard-of-hearing children = 父母的親職壓力, 教養方式與聾人或有聽力困難孩子的社會情感結果 check Full Text
Chang, Florbela Ching, Ho Hong 2019. Master
Exploring the relation among social anxiety, self-disclosure, negative cognitive processing bias and regulatory emotional self-efficacy : a moderated mediation model check Full Text
Wang, Ni Na Ching, Ho Hong 2023. Master
The relations among different appearance comparisons and acceptance of cosmetic surgery : the role of body surveillance and body shame check Full Text
Chan, Hui Xuan Ching, Ho Hong 2023. Master
Weight stigma from social media : its associations with perceivers' specific coping responses and health outcomes check Full Text
Chen, Ting Ching, Ho Hong 2019. Master
Help seeking attitudes and intentions in career counseling : the roles of masculinity and self-stigma check Full Text
Liu, Min Ching, Ho Hong 2019. Master
Exploring risk and protective factors on weight stigma among Chinese women check Full Text
Wu, Xiao Han Ching, Ho Hong 2019. Master
Age differences in explicit and implicit prejudice toward gender-atypical voice : Implications for behavioral intentions check Full Text
Chen, Kai Ching, Ho Hong 2020. Master

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