UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor arrow_drop_up Issue Date Degree
China's "New Opium War" under the League of Nations : historical legacy, distrust and contention check Full Text
Li, Jing Saldanha Antonio Vasconcelos de 2021. Doctoral
Dealing with strangers in the house : a study on conflicts between Catholics and Chinese non-believers in the late Ming China check Full Text
Sun, Xu Liang Saldanha Antonio Vasconcelos de 2020. Doctoral
Unknown Far East : an intellectual history of Charles Ralph Boxer check Full Text
Pan, Zheng Zheng Saldanha Antonio Vasconcelos de 2020. Doctoral
PFAH(H) 000 (SAMPLE) Mao's samurai : from the captured Japanese soldiers, immigrants and war criminals to the fighters for the Chinese Communist cause
Li, Jin Wei, C. X., George 2019. Doctoral
後利瑪竇時代耶穌會在華傅教活動研究 (1610-1644) check Full Text
周孝雷 Yang Bin 2021. Doctoral
九品往生與冥間官府 : 漢唐佛教天堂地獄觀念的構建 check Full Text
姜霄 朱天舒 2020. Doctoral
檀香木之路 : 明清時期澳門與帝汶的檀香木貿易及其影響 (1557-1844) check Full Text
郭姝伶 湯開建 2020. Doctoral
An American missionary's pioneering practice of reciprocal intercultural exchange : S. Wells Williams in China check Full Text
Zhou, Xiao Lai 王笛 2021. Doctoral
Never-ending faith : popular religious and social changes in rural Hebei, 1900-1990 check Full Text
Jiao, Yang 王笛 2021. Doctoral
Suburban revolution : everyday land reform in Beijing suburbs, 1949-1950 check Full Text
An, Shao Fan 王笛 2020. Doctoral

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