UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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"來襲" 和 "襲來" 探析 = Exploration and analysis of Laixi and Xilai check Full Text
付婧莎 王銘宇 2017. Master
東吳系女作家研究 = Research on the female writers' group from Soochow University check Full Text
付語含 朱壽桐 2019. Master
銀幕上的中國意識流小說 : 以劉以鬯 "酒徒" 的影視呈現為例 = Chinese stream-of-consciousness novel on screen : a case study of the Drunkard check Full Text
任亦 龔剛 2017. Master
"大宅門" 研究 = Research of "The Grand Mansion Gate" check Full Text
任昕璐 鄧駿捷 2019. Master
胡適詞學研究 = A study on Hu Shih's Ci poetry check Full Text
何婉珊 施議對 2014. Master
"古詩十九首" 體類新論 = A re-classification of Nineteen Old Poems check Full Text
劉一 鄧駿捷 2015. Master
赫美玲 "官話" 基督教詞彙研究 = A study on Christian vocabulary in Hemeling Karl Ernst Georg's English-Chinese dictionary (1916) check Full Text
劉丁然 王銘宇 2019. Master
魯迅與倫理的現代性 = Lu Xun and the modernity of ethics
劉勇 龔剛 2014. Master
"現代漢語詞典" (第6版) 量詞的收條與釋義 = Study of the entries and the definitions of quantifiers in Modern Chinese Dictionary (6th edition) check Full Text
劉午嬌 王銘宇 2015. Master
"情本體" 視野中的汪曾祺小說 = A study on Wang Zengqi's fictions from the perspective of the ontology of sentiment check Full Text
劉可欣 龔剛 2018. Master

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