UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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姚頴珊 邱庭彪 2014. Master
澳門刑事訴訟的改革, 陪審制度移植之探析 = Innovation of Macao's criminal procedure and the transplantation of Macao's jury system check Full Text
伍春耀 蘇建峰 2020. Master
澳門刑事預審制度研究 = Study on the preliminary hearing system in Macau check Full Text
盧淑妍 李哲 2013. Master
郭小燕 陳光中 2008. Master
澳門刑事偵查權限問題研究 = Study on the issues of Macao criminal investigation competence check Full Text
何智偉 李哲 2022. Master
澳門行政程序法之作出決定原則研究 = A study of the principle of decision-making in the Macao Administrative Procedure Act check Full Text
馮燕玲 蔣朝陽 2016. Master
澳門行政處罰制度研究 = Study of the administrative penalty regulation in Macau check Full Text
張綺靜 鄭成昌 2016. Master
澳門行政法中行政處罰行為研究 = A study on punishment by administrative act based on Macau administrative law
李寶儀 蔣朝陽 2019. Master
澳門行政訴訟管轄問題研究 = A study on the jurisdiction of administrative litigation in Macao check Full Text
布家明 蔣朝陽 2020. Master
澳門行政爭議仲裁制度研究 = Study on arbitration of administrative disputes of Macao check Full Text
郭邵文 何慶文 2020. Master

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