UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門未成年人刑事紀錄保密之研究 = Research on the confidentiality of juvenile criminal records of Macau check Full Text
楊嘉霽 李哲 2022. Master
韋林周 唐曉晴 2011. Master
澳門嫌犯缺席審判程序的研究 = A study on the suspects in absence of the trial procedure in Macao
周麗華 李哲 2023. Master
澳門現行酒駕及毒駕罪的探析及完善 = Analysis and suggestions of legislative improvement on the crime of drunk-driving and drug-driving in Macao check Full Text
陳愷頴 趙國強 2018. Master
澳門刑法有關違令罪之理論及實踐 = The theory and practice of violation of the order in the criminal law of Macao check Full Text
劉國熙 邱庭彪 2017. Master
楊秀莉 李哲 2012. Master
澳門刑事和解制度之構建研究 = A research of criminal reconciliation system in Macau check Full Text
羅小荷 李哲 2015. Master
澳門刑事缺席審判制度研究 = An analysis to the system of trial by default in Macau check Full Text
梁鳳明 李哲 2015. Master
澳門刑事缺席審判中關於辯護人撤回嫌犯聲明的權利的問題研究 = Research on the right of defenders to react declarations made by suspects during their absence in Macao's criminal trial check Full Text
閻淑儀 李哲 2020. Master
澳門刑事審判聽證中容許宣讀聲明制度的研究 = Research on the system of the permission of reading the declaration in Macao's criminal trial hearing check Full Text
李雪雯 李哲 2019. Master

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