UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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“生命之訴” 的損害及其賠償範圍 = Damages to wrongful life and the scope of compensation
梁麗宜 唐曉晴 2023. Master
安樂死非犯罪化路徑選擇 = Choices of non-criminal path to euthanasia check Full Text
杜小悅 趙國強 2016. Master
暗網絡犯罪的刑法問題研究 = Research on criminal law of dark network crime check Full Text
孫陸陽 趙國強 2018. Master
澳門 "放蛇" 制度可行性之考量 : 以刑事訴訟法為視角 = Feasibility research on the regime of "entrapment" in Macao : from the perspective of criminal procedure law check Full Text
婁煦 邱庭彪 2019. Master
澳門 "刑罰之延長" 制度的研究及反思 check Full Text
曾柏毅 趙國強 2016. Master
澳門 "刑事訴訟法典" 新修訂特別訴訟程序研究 = Macao "Code of Criminal Procedure" newly revised special procedure study check Full Text
李偉雄 邱庭彪 2016. Master
澳門地區由變性引起的民事法律問題初探 = A preliminary study on the civil law issues caused by transsexual people in Macao check Full Text
李嘉明 蘇建峰 2020. Master
澳門的 "預防及打擊家庭暴力法" 對刑事被害人的保護及援助 = The protection and support given to the criminal victims by law on preventing and combating domestic violence in Macau check Full Text
陳凱盈 李哲 2020. Master
澳門登記對抗主義下的不動產交易安全 : 以登記的對抗力和公信力為視角 check Full Text
周婷 唐曉晴 2015. Master
澳門典型行政合同之研究 = Research of typical administrative contract of Macao check Full Text
歐艷冰 蔣朝陽 2016. Master

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