UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The relationship between physical fitness, health literacy & self-efficacy of Macau college students check Full Text
Lam, Ka Chon 李思敏 2018. Master
The relationship between self-compassion and burnout among Macau teachers check Full Text
Vong, Kuok Neng 林建榮 2017. Master
The relationships among life satisfaction, self-efficacy and physical activities of older adults in Macau check Full Text
Liu, Kwai Chi 李思敏 2019. Master
The relationships between maternal personality, maternal parenting styles and four- to six-year-old kindergartners' creativity : a study in Zhuhai city of China check Full Text
Lu, Shu Yang 黃鏡英 2016. Master
The research of youth’s motivation and self-efficacy development in physical activity : does geographical location matter?
Li, Zhu Jin 何敬恩 2023. Master
The responses of acute hypoxic exposure and hypoxic high-intensity interval exercise on energy metabolism in healthy young males check Full Text
Wang, Chen Song 孔兆偉 2016. Master
The role of assessment in curriculum reform : implementation of child-centered curriculum to foster children's creativity and teachers' creativity fostering behaviours check Full Text
Sung, Chi Weng 黃鏡英 2019. Master
The role of learning strategies in the relation between learning attitudes and English acquisition among adult learners check Full Text
Kou, Ut Seong 陳薇文 2020. Master
The role of organizational socialization on employees' burnout and turnover intention in gaming organizations in Macau check Full Text
Lam, Kun Meng Kam, Chun Seng 2018. Master
The study of physical exercise on life-satisfaction in junior middle school students from the cities of Qianjiang, Macau and Taipei check Full Text
Chen, Si Si 何敬恩 2016. Master

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