UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The expanded format shows a better factor structure than the Likert-scale format in brief resilience scale check Full Text
Zhang, Jin Yin Kam, Chun Seng 2023. Master
The gender difference in digital reading performance of students in Macao-China and Chinese Taipei : a mediation analysis check Full Text
Chen, Guan Hua Chan, Kan Kan 2017. Master
The impact of appearance-related commentary on Chinese young women' cosmetic surgery consideration : the mediating role of self-objectification and the moderating role of appearance-based rejection sensitivity check Full Text
Liang, Ze Xi Ching, Ho Hong 2023. Master
The impact of neurogenetic essentialism on students' self-efficacy in science subjects : an experimental study check Full Text
Lou, Mei Ian Ching, Ho Hong 2022. Master
The impact of peer SES on students academic achievement in Macau, Hong Kong and mainland-China check Full Text
Gao, Yue 周憶粟 2019. Master
The impact of physical activity development on mental happiness and depression in adolescents
Wong, Iok Kai 何敬恩 2023. Master
The impact of university brand image and reputation on student satisfaction : the study of Macao and Mainland China check Full Text
Lai, Hoi Cheng 梁成安 2023. Master
The influence of intercultural communication competence upon English language learning check Full Text
Wang, Wen Ting Zhou, Ming Ming 2016. Master
The influence of parents' sports cognition, emotion, and behaviour on primary school students' sports attitude and behaviour check Full Text
Ma, Zhuo Wei 何敬恩 2022. Master
The interrelationship among ethical leadership, ethical climate and teachers' job satisfaction in education check Full Text
Yang, Sio Fong 梁成安 2023 Master

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