UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The effect of high school students' STEM-PBL experiences on their science identity check Full Text
Jiang, Zhi Meng 魏冰 2023. Master
The effect of math anxiety and self-regulated learning of grade-12 Chinese students on their achievement check Full Text
Zhao, Rui Li 江春蓮 2023. Master
The effect of mindfulness-based interventions among special education students with ADHD and emotional disorders : a meta-analysis check Full Text
Sun, Si Min 施達明 2023. Master
The effect of reading purpose on incidental acquisition and retention of vocabulary from reading check Full Text
Ma, Xiao Yan Reynolds, Barry Lee 2022. Master
The effect of strategy instruction on gender difference of performance and guessing behavior in Mental Rotation Test check Full Text
Sun, Rong Wei Lin, Sieh Hwa 2013. Master
The effectiveness of square dancing on group belongingness and subjective well-being of middle-aged and empty-nest women check Full Text
Xie, Wen Ting 陳薇文 2019. Master
The effectiveness of using technological-based strategies to teach English : a case study of a Macau junior three classroom check Full Text
Leong, Ka Ian 周憶粟 2021. Master
The effects of 8-week functional training on functional movement pattern, physical fitness, and performance of university dragon boat paddlers check Full Text
Cheong, Man Wai 李思敏 2022. Master
The effects of socio-ecological factors on growth mindset : comparing Macao and Finland in PISA 2018 check Full Text
Wu, Qi Cheng 張國祥 2023. Master
The effects of teaching methods on undergraduates' academic performance : a case of Macao Tertiary Education Research Data System
Ge, Yun 單文經 2009. Master

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