UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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A homicide case in the tenth year of Jiaqing reign (1805) : a study on Peng Zhaolin, Magistrate of Xiangshan County = 香山知縣彭昭麟和嘉慶十年 (1805 年) 命案的研究 check Full Text
Peng, Xiang Yi Yang Bin 2019. Master
A political whirlwind : the transformation of Macau Neighborhood Associations (Aomen Jiefanghui 澳門街坊會, 1956-2020) check Full Text
Wang, Zheng Qian Nan 王笛 2022. Master
Amoghapāśa and Śiva
Zhang, Ye Jie 朱天舒 2022. Master
An isolated "Shelter" : the rise and fall of Baihu Laogai Farm check Full Text
Zhang, Zhen Yi Yang Bin 2019. Master
Angst and ambition : Hanfu Revival Movement and its original desire and real practice, 2001-2018 check Full Text
Yu, Xiao Chuan 王笛 2019. Master
Being versed in both literacy and martial arts : interaction between Foshan Chin Woo Athletic Association and the society (1921-1928) check Full Text
Hu, Ying Qi Xie, Jingzhen 2023. Master
Between English and Chinese education : a comparative case study of the Chinese educational mission (1872-1881) and Yung Wing’s early bilingual education check Full Text
Fang, Xing Xie, Jingzhen 2023. Master
Between rulers and ruled : gentry and sub-official organizations in Macau Chinese society (16th-19th century) check Full Text
Wong, Wai Kit Puente-Ballesteros, Beatriz 2020. Master
Born, revived, and disappeared in the turmoil : The British Baptist Missionary Society in Shaanxi check Full Text
Sun, Tian Qi Ehrlich, Joshua 2023. Master
British opium policy in the Far East and early Republican China (1911-1921) check Full Text
Yao, Ni Ehrlich, Joshua 2020. Master

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