UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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A comparative study of stances in news headline translation : the case of the Manila hostage crisis check Full Text
Lv, Dong Ru Lei, Lai Cheng 2014. Master
A comparative study of the heart as a source domain for constructing conceptual metaphors in the English and Chinese languages check Full Text
Jin, Fei Tie, Fecilia Pang, Kam Yiu 2017. Master
A comparative study of the representations of trans identity in the Danish Girl and man Into woman
Che, Hoi San De Chavez, Jeremy 2022. Master
A comparative study of two Chinese translations of W.S Merwin's Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair check Full Text
Li, Jian Ru Venkatesan Hari 2014. Master
A comparative study on the Chinese versions of "The Black Cat" and "The Tell-Tale Heart" from the perspective of Skopos check Full Text
Lam, Cheng In 尤呈呈 2022. Master
A comparison of cultural responses to traumatic events from the late nineteenth century to the late twentieth century in This Place Called Absence by Lydia Kwa check Full Text
Lei, Sok Ieng Shaw, Damian 2020. Master
A comparison of native English speakers and ESL learners' spatial image schema of verbs check Full Text
Si, Wan Teng Pang, Kam Yiu 2016. Master
A contrastive content analysis of the language use and reading sections : two sets of the Overseas Joint College English Entrance Exam Paper for Macau candidates (OJCEEE) check Full Text
Chan, Fan Fan Kunnan, Antony John 2020. Master
A contrastive study of cat metaphors in English and Chinese idiom from the perspective of conceptual metaphor theory check Full Text
Luo, Feng Yi Pang, Kam Yiu 2020. Master
A contrastive study of the translation of culture-specific items in the two English versions of Leiyu from the perspective of relevance theory check Full Text
Huang, Dan Dan, Catherine Wang, Xian 2017. Master

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