UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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"現代漢語詞典" (第6版) 量詞的收條與釋義 = Study of the entries and the definitions of quantifiers in Modern Chinese Dictionary (6th edition) check Full Text
劉午嬌 王銘宇 2015. Master
《解放日報》副刊與延安文藝整風 = The supplement of Liberation Daily and rectification in Yan-an
霍然 朱壽桐 2014. Master
澳門媽閣廟的文學形象研究 : 以詩詞作品為中心 = A research on the literary image of A-Ma Temple : a focus on the work of poetry check Full Text
蕭曉華 鄧駿捷 2017. Master
澳門商業街LED標牌語言景觀研究 = The study on the linguistic landscape of LED signs on the Macao commercial streets check Full Text
周展玥 王銘宇 2017. Master
澳門學齡前兒童家庭語言規劃研究 = A Study on the family language planning of preschool children in Macao check Full Text
李佳燁 徐大明 2017. Master
澳門作家寫作語言的本土特徵 : 以寂然為例 = The local features of Macau author's writing language check Full Text
符策偉 邵朝陽 2017. Master
白先勇小說中的原鄉意識 = Spiritual nostalgia of Bai Xianyong
楊寶寶 龔剛 2014. Master
擺渡的意識 : 文學改編的另一種解讀 : 從 "敘事倫理" 角度論小說 "白鹿原" 改編 = Consciousness of ferrying : another interpretation of literary adaptation : an analysis of the adaptation on the Novel Bailuyuan from the perspective of narrative ethics check Full Text
馬若楠 朱壽桐 2018. Master
北京話、 廣州話、 潮汕話的疑問句對比研究 = The differences and similarities in the interrogative sentence among Beijing language, Cantonese and Chiuchow
鄭琳 徐杰 2014. Master
醜女興國說之探究 : 鍾離春 = A study on Zhong Lichun about the saying of "Ugly Women Prosper the Country" check Full Text
楊冰 譚美玲 2017. Master

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