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An experimental study on cyclic behavior of extended end-plate connections equipped with shape memory alloy bolts

English Abstract

Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are nowadays potential for seismic engineering applications due to their excellent recentring ability, moderate energy dissipation capability, and moderate ductility when subjected to cyclic loading. This thesis presents an experimental study of the cyclic performance of extended end-plate connections connected using SMA bolts instead of normal high strength bolts in the connections. The basic concept of SMA bolts connection is “strong beam weak connection”, be different from conventional HS connection which is “weak beam strong connection”, the plastic behavior deformation would be concentrate into the connection. Ten full-scale tests were conducted including eight extended end-plate connections with SMA bolts and two conventional extended end-plate connections with HS bolts. The SMA connection specimens present excellent recentring ability, moderate energy dissipation capability, and moderate ductility. The stiffness and strength of these connections mainly was the semi-rigid and partial-strength, v respectively. Due to earlier SMA bolt fracture, the unsatisfactory ductility was shown during the experiment, but it still remains to improve via increasing the threaded-to-net area ratio. On the other hand, the conventional HS connection was shown to possess good ductility and energy dissipation capability but with considerable permanent deformation. To enable a further understanding of the SMA connections, numerical models were established and compared with the test results. Based on the results of the tests and the numerical study, parameters which affect the connection performance were studied.

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Xie, Lang Kun


Faculty of Science and Technology


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering




Shape memory alloys


Lam, Chi Chiu

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