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"Old wine in new digital bottles" : an examination of the use of different forms of headlines in the context of multiple-media platforms and similar content : a case study of The Beijing News

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Along with the rest of the world the Chinese media is experiencing a massive transition as news agencies adapt to multiple-media platforms to distribute the same news stories. The interest in this research is about the ways that the new journalism responds to this context when ‘old wine is poured into new digital bottles’. The particular focus of the thesis is on how headlines operate in this context, as an independent component from the news text (Bednarek & Caple, 2012, p. 100). The study is based on The Beijing News as a significant example of what exploring the basic question examining the ways and reasons that the headlines in The Beijing News are presented differently across multiple-media platforms reporting similar news content. Thus, this research will try to solve two questions: firstly, what are the different functions that the headlines perform on the three different platforms; secondly, how do these different functions work for the headlines on the three different platforms. In order to answer these questions, this thesis treats The Beijing News as a case study and adopts forms of textual analysis and discourse analysis to analyze the data collected from headlines of news stories on the APP, Weibo, and WeChat platforms of The Beijing News. According to summaries drawn from the analysis about the features applied in the headlines on different platforms, this research found that the headlines worked with different functions which addressed with different audiences’ characteristics and technical characteristics on different platforms in terms of the features. Also, the functions of headlines in The iv Beijing News have evolved with the development of technological communication and audience engagement in this case.

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Liu, Yi Ying


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Communication




Mass media -- Social aspects -- Case studie


Fitzgerald, Richard

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