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基於資源經濟學理論的三七質量與價格相關性研究 : 三七藥材商品規格等級研究

English Abstract

Panax notoginseng is a kind of commonly used precious Chinese herbal medicine and is also one of the forty varieties of Chinese herbal medicines.In recent years, panax notoginseng quality problems and abnormal fluctuations in prices are increasingly severe, which hinders the healthy development of the panax notoginseng industry.Under the background of the theory of resources economics,this paper takes the quality and price as well as the commodity specification and grade of Chinese medicinal materials of panax notoginseng carrying the quality and price information as the main research objects.First of all, this paper explores the factors that affect the quality and price of panax notoginseng and discusses the relationship between quality and price of Panax notoginseng according to the commodity specification and grade of panax notoginseng,which is the appearance of symbol of internal quality and the basis of pricing.At the same time, this paper constructs quality and price correlation model of panax notoginseng and uses the method of regression analysis to analyze the difference in the price of panax notoginseng between different quality levels.Secondly, Through the data analysis of a large number of e-commerce sales terminals, this paper studies how the commodity specification and grade of panax notoginseng affects consumers' perceived quality and perceived priceconsumers' perceived quality and perceived price.Finally, through a large number of literature research, this paper discusses the rationality of the commodity specification and grade of Chinese medicinal materials of Panax notoginseng and determines the research ideas of the commodity specification and grade of panax notoginseng, and puts forward the regulatory strategy to promote the stability of panax notoginseng market and price .This paper suggests that we should strengthen the relationships between quality and price of panax notoginseng under the guidance of the principle of pricing by quality in order to promote the healthy development of panax notoginseng industry and market.

Chinese Abstract

三七是常用的名貴中藥材,也是我國四十種大宗藥材品種之一。近年來, 三七藥材質量混亂問題和價格異常波動問題日益嚴峻,嚴重阻礙了三七產業的 健康發展。本文在資源經濟學理論背景下,以三七藥材的質量和價格以及承載 著三七質量和價格資訊的三七藥材商品規格等級為主要的研究對象。首先對三 七質量和價格形成的影響因素進行探索,並以三七藥材商品規格等級為切入點 對三七質量和價格的相關性行了論述。構建三七質量和價格相關性模型,運用 回歸分析的方法對不能質量等級之間三七價格的差異程度進行分析。其次,通 過大量網路銷售終端的數據分析,對三七藥材商品規格等級對消費者感知質量 和感知價格影響展開系統的研究。最後,通過大量的文獻研究,對三七質量等 級劃分標準的合理性展開探討。確定了三七藥材商品規格等級標準的研究思 路,提出了促進三七市場和價格穩定的監管策略,建議應該在按質論價的原則 的指導下強化三七質量和價格關聯性,從而促進三七產業和市場的良性發展。

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Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences




Materia medica -- China

藥物學 -- 中國

Medicinal plants -- China

藥用植物 -- 中國

Medicine, Chinese




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